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General info on how to proceed

General info on how to proceed


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, courses at the University are offered almost exclusively online. This situation makes it challenging for instructors to verify student attendance and student identity. In what follows, we will outline a way to check student attendance and student identity in Zoom meetings with the help of temp-moodle. Moreover, this process of verifying student identity can be used to make sure that all attendees are actually authorized to participate, which helps to prevent possible disruptions.

First, course instructors create a unique random code for each course session and for each participating student. The random codes are passed on to the students via temp-moodle shortly before the course session. Thus, only eligible participants will receive and are able to see their individual code. When joining the Zoom meeting, students have to add the code to their display name. Lecturers or their assistants are then able to verify student attendance with the help of the codes. To prevent students from fraudulently taking someone else's name and code, instructors are advised to enable the waiting room feature in Zoom. Before students are allowed to join the meeting, their codes should be checked in the waiting room (individuals in the waiting room are not visible to each other). Unauthenticated individuals can then be removed from the waiting room.

In terms of effort, this solution is similar to the method of checking BlueCards during in-person course sessions. Thus it is suitable in particular for smaller courses. A major limitation of this solution is that student identity is not verified by photo ID (Blue Card). Only then can one rule out the possibility that the code has been passed on and an unauthorized person is sitting in front of the camera. However, student verification by photo ID would be much more time-consuming, since for privacy reasons, the students would have to show their student ID to the instructor in a separate breakout room (Instructors may not ask students to show their BlueCard for all other participants to see).  Even in in-person course sessions, instructors as a rule do not require students to show a form of photo ID to verify their identity.

In order to reduce the risk of fraudulent behavior and to increase the chances of detection of fraud, instructors are advised to randomly ask people to show their photo ID (BlueCard) in a breakout room from time to time.


last changed on 01.04.2021

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