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Submit solutions / Information for students

Submit solutions / Information for students


After completing the examination, students upload their exam documents in the assignment activity as a so-called submission. This can be edited until the deadline is reached and, for example, the submission file(s) can be changed.

In the assignment, the examinees can view further central information, such as the submission status or the due date with the resulting remaining time.

In addition, a digital exam review can also be carried out later on the assignment-activity by means of the feedback option.


Information for Students

Note 1

Please always use the web view of temp-Moodle at to submit your exam documents in temp-Moodle. Please do not use the Moodle App. The Moodle App is not activated for temp-Moodle.

Note 2

In case you have technical or other issues during the exam please contact the exam supervisors immediately. Make sure before the start of the exam that you have all necessary contact data. 

If you have technical difficulties when submitting the exam documents via temp-Moodle, document them as well as possible with screenshots, fotos, videos or similar. This will make it easier to clarify problems. This makes it easier to clarify problems. In particular, document the nature and exact time of the problems.

Note 3

In case that temp-Moodle is not working at the time of the exam submission, students can alternatively submit their exams via Gigamove and/or e-mail. The exam supervisors are required to inform the students in advance of the exam about the alternative submission options and, for example, to provide the e-mail address to be used. If you do not know this information, please ask the responsible exam supervisor before the exam.

Note 4

It is recommended that students read the exam submission instructions in detail prior to taking the exam. Please test the creation of a submission file with your mobile devices before the exam. Please pay attention to the size of the created file (The maximum upload size is determined by the exam supervisors. If due to a temp-moodle malfunction the submission via email should become necessary, then the attachment size of the RWTH email is limited to 20 MB). Instructions for creating submission files as PDF can be found at the following link:

If a deception check is conducted in your exam, we recommend testing the use of Zoom on your device in advance. Please note that both your microphone and your camera must be switched on and therefore functional during the exam. Students will receive specific instructions for the cheating check (e.g. on the placement of the camera during the exam) from the responsible examiner.

Note 5

Please do not change your contact email address registered in the Selfservice portal during the exam period. Changing your contact email address may cause problems logging into your Zoom account. If it is necessary to change your contact email address, please do not make the change immediately before your exam. If you experience difficulties logging into Zoom after changing your contact email address, please contact the CLS (

Test Exam Room

Students can try out adding a solution in this test exam room. You can self-enrol in this exam room and will have access for 60 days.



1. Information on the assignment page
1.1. Submission status
1.2. Feedback on submissions
2. Create submission
3. Submission comments


1. Information on the assignment page

1.1. Submission status

Students (roles "Student" and "Extra User") click on the assignment on the course page. On the assignment page you will see the name and description of the assignment as well as other information:

  • Submission status - shows if an assignment has already been created, if it is still in draft status, or if it has already been submitted for grading.
  • Grading status - shows "unassessed" or "assessed" as the status. Since grading is not done in temp-Moodle, this status is not further relevant.
  • Due date - date of submission deadline (only visible if activated by the person responsible).
  • Time remaining - Remaining time until the deadline (due date) (only visible if activated by the person responsible).
  • Last modified - date of the last modification of the own submission.
  • Other details - depending on the assignment configuration

    Screenshot Abgabestatus

    "Submission status" and "Grading status" change when students have submitted something.

1.2. Feedback on submissions

Feedback on submissions will appear in a separate area below this information once it has been released. If no feedback is provided by the examiners, no feedback is available. The feedback function can be used for the digital exam review by providing the examinees a digital copy of the exam documents in PDF format after the correction.


2. Create submission

If the assignment settings require you to submit a file, do the following:

  1. Click the "Add Submission" button on the assignment page.
  2. Upload a file using the "Add..." button Button Add file in the upper left corner of the upload field or drag and drop the file into the file area. If you want to upload multiple files (if allowed), repeat this process until you have uploaded all files.


    Please note possible limitations on the number, type and size of files that can be uploaded. These may be set by the person responsible for the exam. Allowed number and size are displayed above the upload field. The maximum upload size displayed is per file. The accepted file types are displayed below the upload field.

  3. Confirm the mandatory option "I hereby declare in lieu of an oath that I have completed the assessment independently and without illegitimate assistance from third parties. I did use no other than the specified sources and aids. I have read and understood the Official Notification (Link)."
  4. Click on the button "Save changes".

    Screenshot Abgabe erstellen
  5. The "Submission Status" area will now display a "Last Modified" date and the uploaded file(s). The submission status itself shows "Submitted for grading".

    Screenshot Abgabestatus nach Abgabeerstellung
  6. Until the deadline is reached, you can still make changes via "Edit submission" and e.g. exchange files. You can delete the submission by clicking "Remove submission". Note that this only deletes the file from the submission. The submission itself remains an empty submission. The status "Submitted for grading" is also retained.
  7. After the deadline has been reached, the two buttons "Edit submission" and "Remove submission" disappear and no further changes can be made to your submission.

    Screenshot Abgabe nach Ablauf der Deadline

3. Submission comments

If "submission comments" have been activated in the configuration of the assignment, an input field appears in which students can enter comments about their submission.

last changed on 01.04.2021

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