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In order to ensure the smooth running of the online remote examinations for the 2021 summer semester, a second, temporary Moodle platform has been set up at RWTH: temp-Moodle. The platform will be used for the online remote examinations in two formats:

  1. Online remote exam with Dynexite and temp-Moodle.
  2. Online remote exam with temp-Moodle

Exam format 1 is recommended by IT Center and CLS, but exam format 2 remains possible as an alternative. Both formats are requested and approved in RWTHonline in the form of a "virtual" room booking. Please read the RWTHonline manual "Online-Fernprüfung eintragen" for more information. Details on the two formats can be found below.

Temp-Moodle has been set up for examination operation in the summer semester 2021 and will therefore not be affected by any peak loads in RWTHmoodle during regular teaching operations. The operation of temp-Moodle is largely similar to the operation of RWTHmoodle. Please note, however, that many functionalities that are not needed to conduct online distance examinations have been deactivated.

The instructions gathered here primarily deal with examination format 2. However, some instructions such as "Adding exam participants to the exam room" also apply to examination format 1, as they deal with steps that are necessary for the dissemination of information relevant to the examination.


1. Exam format 1: Remote exam with Dynexite and temp-Moodle

1.1. Dynexite

Dynexite is the e-examination system of RWTH Aachen University. It offers both (partially) automatically correctable and open types of tasks (e.g. free text). Since the end of the winter semester 2020/21, Dynexite has supported scanning tasks, where tasks solved on paper can be uploaded easily by students via smartphone. The upload of any files will also be offered from the summer semester 2021 onwards. The entire examination process will be digitally mapped in Dynexite, so that correction, post-exam review and re-correction can be carried out conveniently online in one system.

Detailed information on Dynexite can be found in the Dynexite documentation (German only).

When using Dynexite, there are no technical restrictions on the number of simultaneous online distance examinations. eExams created with Dynexite in the summer semester 2021 can be held again under supervision in the ZuseLab from the winter semester onwards. From the summer semester 2022 onwards, the scanning function will probably also be available for face-to-face examinations, so that electronic and paper-based content can also be examined here. In addition to the ZuseLab, further room capacities are currently being created and hardware is being developed.


1.2. temp-Moodle

In order to provide students with a single point of contact for organisational information on the exam, such as Zoom links and cohort assignments, a Dynexite booking is always combined with the booking of an exam room on temp-Moodle. This relieves RWTHmoodle and keeps it available for parallel learning purposes.

Additional information stored on temp-Moodle (Zoom links, cohort assignments, etc.) should be published in advance in accordance with the CLS handouts in order to avoid retrieval immediately before the exam and the associated peak loads on temp-Moodle. The examination questions themselves are always implemented directly in Dynexite and should not be made available via temp-Moodle.


2. Exam format 2: Remote exam with temp-Moodle

If conducting examinations with Dynexite is not an option for you at the moment, temp-Moodle will be available again as a transitional alternative in the summer semester 2021. However, should it become necessary to conduct online remote examinations again in the course of the Corona pandemic in the coming semesters, these will be conducted across the board with the new scanning option in Dynexite.

Temp-Moodle has proven itself in the winter semester 2020/21 for pure scanning exams, in which students create PDF scans of their hand-written exam with their smartphone and upload them to temp-Moodle with other files if necessary. This option can be used again in the summer semester 2021 as an alternative to the scan option in Dynexite. By outsourcing the online remote examinations to temp-Moodle, the capacities of RWTHmoodle are not burdened and are fully available for learning purposes.

You can request an examination room in temp-Moodle in RWTHonline for the preparation and administration of the online remote examination. You add the participants of the examination into this room via mass import, store all the information required for the examination and create the task activity with which the actual examination is processed. All information required on the day of the examination, such as Zoom links for the cheating control and IDs for identification, should be made available in advance. Examination questions should also be made available in advance as an encrypted PDF. This guarantees access to the information and the examination questions and avoids peak loads.

Temp-Moodle supports exam scenarios with up to 750 people in parallel. To avoid problems caused by peak loads, exams with a higher number of candidates should be divided into cohorts that start with a time offset of 10 to 15 minutes.

Detailed instructions on exam handling with temp-Moodle can be reached via the navigation for IT Centre Help on the left.


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