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Explanation Telecommunications Forms

Explanation Telecommunications Forms



You always have the option to download a PDF. However, an upload is only necessary if costs are involved with the TK application.
If no PDF document is uploaded at this point, the application cannot be saved.
New digital application forms

From 04.05.2021 please use the digital application forms at

New connections, relocations, changes

Please request new connections or relocations as soon as possible.

Depending on the number of incoming requests the processing time can be up to four weeks.

New telephone connection

If you need new telephone or fax connections please fill in the fields under "Neueinrichtung". 

  • Please enter the building number or the building address in the first column.
  • Please enter the room number of the new connection in the column "Raum".
  • Please enter the user's last name in the column "Name".
  • Choose your preferred end device in the field "Endgerät".
  • Information regarding optional permissions ("Berechtigung") can be found at the end of the form.
  • Please only enter a socket number ("Dosennummer") if the socket box is marked with a number.
  • The phone number is assigned by the IT Center.

Telephone relocations

If you move to another room together with your telephone or fax please fill in the request in the fields under "Verlegung".

Permission changes

Different permissions can be chosen for every end device.

hHausberechtigungOnly calls within the university (No call charges)
haHalbamtsberechtigungExternal calls only via RWTH telephone exchange (Phone number 13). These phone numbers can be reached by external telephones.
aAmtsberechtigungExternal calls can only be made to numbers within the same area code.
fFernberechtigungExternal calls can be made national and international
tfTeilfernberechtigungLong-distance calls between 7:30am and 4pm.

Call forwardings to mobile phone numbers also need to be unlocked. This can be requested in the box "Sonstiges".

Telephone changes

Changes like additional equipment, new end devices etc can be requested in the column "Sonstiges".

If you are requesting new phones the request can only be processed if the financing number and signature are valid.

Depending on the order position and personnel capacity the processing time can be up to three weeks. Please consider this time period during your application. We process all requests as soon as possible and in the chronological order of receipt.

Depending on the number of requests or high complex requests that need us to create additional prerequisites, it is possible that some requests need more time to be processed.

Purchases additionally need to have a financing number (PSP element.) An-institutes without a PSP element are allowed to order devices on account. This needs to be noted under "Sonstiges". Please also make sure to only submit the request once.


Additionally to your telephone connection, you can request a voicebox. Please fill in the following request and send it to us. Using the same request, you can reset your voicebox password. Usage instructions can be found here.

Dedicated lines and fixed connections

If you need dedicated lines or fixed connections, please use the request form for fixed connections.
Send the request via e-mail or via fax to 22981.

If you need further information, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

Conference connections

If you need telephone or fax connections for a certain time period, please use the  request form for conference connections.

Send the request via mail e-mail or via fax to 22981.

T-COM connections

The usage and operation of:

  • T-COM connections (ISDN / analog)
  • DSL connections
  • field connections

is possible.
The demand and possibility of realization is examined by the IT Center.

If you need further information, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

last changed on 19.07.2021

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