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Personal Options

Personal Options


Enable and disable notifications: You can enable and disable the visual signalling (notification LED) of your Alcatel telephone. The LCD bargraph is not affected by the setting.

Change personal password: You can change your personal password at any time. The new password must be at least 5 digits long and must not consist of identical digits (e.g. 222222) or series (e.g. 34567). The reset of an existing password requires a written request to the IT Center.

Menu levels - Change instructions: The system allows you to choose between standard instructions, detailed instructions and quick instruction. Newly configured users will hear the default instructions. You can interrupt the spoken instructions by pressing a key at any time.

Choose greeting: You decide, which greeting message will be played to callers that are forwarded to your voicebox. You can choose between:

  • Default greeting message:
    Your recorded name is added to the default greeting.
  • Personal greeting message:
    An individual greeting message can be recorded.
  • Greeting message in case of longer absence:
    If you are going to be abscent for a longer period of time, we recommend that you record a vacation message for your voicebox. Inform the callers about the period and whom to contact in urgent cases. The caller can listen to your message but cannot leave a message.
    By deleting the vacation message, you automatically reenable your personal or the default greeting message.

last changed on 01/29/2021

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