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Submit your application in person

Submit your application in person


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2.1 Read, date and sign your application

Explorer Abgeben

In short what you are agreeing to is:

  • you are not allowed to disclose your private RSA key to anyone

  • all devices on which you use your private RSA key (in extension your DFN-PKI certificate) are adequately protected from unauthorised access and abuse

  • your are required to revocate your certificate if any of the following applies:

    • your personal data, included in the certificate, is no longer valid/applicable

    • your private RSA key or your password to the file containing it has been compromised

    • you are no longer authorised to use the certificate



2.2. Bring your application in person to the registration authority

The DFN-PKI Certificate Policy mandates that the RWTH Registration Authority perform a personal identification of the applicant, for more details go to "Possible Ways of Identity Verification".

last changed on 03/10/2021

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