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Backup/export your own RSA keys and the certificate (create the .p12 file)

Backup/export your own RSA keys and the certificate (create the .p12 file)


Why you need the .p12 file:

This file contains your own RSA key pair and the corresponding certificate. You must transmit this file in a secure way to the other users of the "group mailbox".

You also need this file when changing computers, reinstalling the operating system or when using non-Microsoft e-mail applications (e.g. Thunderbird). All users of the group certificate should keep this file safe and redundant.


The .p12 file can be exported using a number of different applications.

Export using Firefox

Export using Chrome

Export using the control panel

Export using Outlook


Export using Firefox (or Thunderbird)

The following guide was created using Firefox, the steps are however also applicable to the Thunderbird e-mail client.

  • Open your settings - select Privacy and Security - scroll down and click on View Certificates.

Open settingsView certificates

  • Navigate to the Your Certificates tab and select the desired certificate. Click on Backup.

Choose your certificate

  • Select the location where you wish to save the .p12 file.

Export using Chrome

  • Open your browser Settings and select Privacy and security. Next select Security.

Open settingsChoose Security

  • Click on Manage device certificates.

Manage device certificates

  • Navigate to the Personal tab and select the desired certificate. Click Export.

Export a certificate


Export using the control panel

  • Use the Windows search function to find and open Manage user certificates.

Manage the user certificates

  • Under Personal - Certificates select the desired certificate with a right click.
  • Choose All Tasks and click on Export.

Select and export your certificate


Export using Outlook

  • Select File - Options - Trust Center

Select File

Select Options

Open the Trust Center settings

  • Select Email Security and then Import/Export under "Digital IDs".
  • Select the desired certificate and choose a file name and password for it.
  • Confirm your choice with OK.

Export your certificate

  • The .p12 file will now be saved.

Using the Certificate Export Wizard

The Certificate Export Wizard is started automatically when using some applications. Please follow the steps set out below:

Export Wizard

  • Click Next, then select Yes, export the private Key.

  • Select all options under Personal Information Exchange -PKCS #12 (.PFX), except "Delete the private key if the export is successful".

  • Next you must set a password for the encryption of the .p12 file. This password must be given to all of the authorised users of the group mailbox, so that they are able to install the certificate and associated key in their own e-mail applications.
    • Choose TripleDES-SHA as the encryption and click Continue.

  • Next you will be able to export your certificate. Please choose a secure location to save it.
    • If you have certificates for multiple mailboxes, it is recommended to add information such as the e-mail address and expiry date to the file name.
    • Click Continue to start the export.

  • You should receive a confirmation of the export. Confirm both pop-ups to close the Wizard.


last changed on 04/28/2023

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