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Import your user certificate into Internet Explorer

Import your user certificate into Internet Explorer


These instructions were created with the use of Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 (Latest update 21.04.2020).

Please note that the DFN-PKI webpages can not be displayed in english.



3.1 Find the e-mail from the DFN-PKI


This e-mail is signed.

Open the second link in IE, make sure to be working on the same computer where you created the application, that is where your cryptographic data (RSA keys) are stored.


3.2 Import your certificate into Internet Explorer

Import Explorer 2

3.3 enter your PIN

Import Explorer 3

The PIN is only required if you didn't agree

to have the certificate entered into the



3.4 Confirm the import

Import Explorer 4

Here again the windows certificate store needs to be read/write.

You need to allow access.


3.5 Import completed

Import Explorer 5

last changed on 03/10/2021

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