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Save your personal certificate (create a .p12 file)

Save your personal certificate (create a .p12 file)


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Why do you need to create and save your .p12 file:

This file contains your own RSA key pair and your personal user certificate.

This file is indispensable if you need to migrate to a new computer, install a new operating system or use an e-mail application that does not use the Microsoft certificate store (e.g. Thunderbird). You should store this file in a safe place and ensure redundancy.

4.1 Navigate to the Internet Options of your IE

Safe certificate 1

4.2 Choose Content and Certificates

Safe certificate 2

4.3 Choose relevant personal certificate to "Export"

Safe certificate 3

4.4 The export process

  • Export Step 1
Safe certificate 4
  • Export Step 2
Safe certificate 5
  • Export Step 3
Safe certificate 6
  • Export Step 4
Safe certificate 7

The .p12 file is encrypted, the password is the key used for this encryption.

This password needs to be entered again when at some point later you may need to import your personal certificate into another browser or e-mail application.

  • Export Step 5
Safe certificate 8

Choose a safe place to store your .p12 file. If you have personal certificates for more than one e-mail account, it can be useful to incorporate the name of your e-mail address into the filename. Certificate expiration date can come in handy as well.

Please note: you should keep the .p12 of expired certificates. In doing so, you ensure that you are able to read encrypted e-mails in the future.

  • Export Step 6
Safe certificate 9
  • Export Step 7
Safe certificate 10

In order to configure your e-mail application to send digitally signed e-mails follow the relevant instructions:

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