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Possible Ways of Identity Verification

Possible Ways of Identity Verification


Special regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic

First-time application for a user certificate:

  • Certificate applications can be submitted in person at the IT-Service Desk in Seffenter Weg 23. You need to book an appointment online. Information on how to book an appointment can be found on the IT Center website.
  • Employees of the ZHV can continue to contact the ZHV-Helpdesk.
  • If you are unable to hand in your certificate application in person, e.g. you are not in Aachen due to the current situation or you belong to a risk group, please send an e-mail with this information to

Application for the renewal of an existing user certificate:

  • Send the dated, signed by hand and scanned user certificate application form in a digitally signed e-mail to
    • You can also send the digitally signed  mail from an e-mail address, other than the one you are applying for.
    • Prerequisite is, you must have a DFN-PKI user certificate issued on your "Lastname, Firstname" for this alternative e-mail address.
  • We urge you to also encrypt this e-mail, in order to protect your handwritten signature from prying eyes.
  • You will not receive a confirmation of receipt from
  • Your application will be processed within two weeks of receipt.


Applications for a User Certificate

User Certificates issued by the DFN-PKI contain the applicant's first and last name in the field "Common Name". Consequently, it is necessary to formally check the identity of the applicant. There are currently two different procedures for identity verification:

  1. heading to the IT-ServiceDesk in person and providing a valid identification document alongside your signed request.
  2. Contacting the ZHV-Helpdesk if you are a ZHV employee.
Applications for a Server Certificate
  • Bring the application in person to the IT-ServiceDesk or the ZHV-Helpdesk (for ZHV employees). Verification of the applicants' identity is based on a valid identification document.
  • Send the hand-signed application in a digitally signed (and preferably encrypted) e-mail to
  • Please note:
    • the digitally signed e-mail needs to be sent from your personal email account, we can only verify your identity if the corresponding DFN-PKI user certificate has been issued for "CN=Firstname Lastname".
    • e-mails sent from email accounts used by more than person (functional e-mail accounts) will not be accepted.

Applications for a Group Certificate

Can be submitted as if it was a server certificate application.



  • Certificate applications can not be submitted via your power of attorney.    
  • For any further information please contact

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