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Possible Ways of Identity Verification

Possible Ways of Identity Verification


Special regulations in the corona situation
  • First-time application for a user certificate:

As of Monday, Jan. 11, 2021, certificate applications can once again be submitted in person at the IT-Service Desk at Seffenter Weg 23. You need to book an appointment online. Information on how to book an appointment can be found on the IT Center website.

  • If you are unable to hand in your certificate application in person, e.g. you are not in Aachen due to the current situation or you belong to a risk group, please send an e-mail with this information to
  • You already have a user certificate from the DFN-PKI, which may e.g. soon expire, and you wish to apply for a new one.

Send the dated, signed by hand and scanned user certificate application form in a digitally signed e-mail to We urge you to also encrypt this e-mail, in order to protect your handwritten signature from prying eyes. Please note, that this e-mail must be sent from the e-mail address for which the new certificate is to be issued. For group certificates, however, the e-mail must be sent from the applicant's personal e-mail account and not from the functional e-mail address.


Application for a User Certificate

User Certificates issued by the DFN-PKI contain the applicant's first and last name in the field "Common Name". Consequently, the applicant is required to bring their application in person and undergo a personal identification at the IT-ServiceDesk. The SD personnel will prove your identity, based on a valid identification document, which you are required to present.

Application for a Server Certificate

  1. You can bring the application in person to the IT-ServiceDesk, please carry a valid identification document.
  2. Send the application per e-mail as follows:
    • please date and sign the application by hand, then scan it and send the pdf document per digitally signed email to
    • please note that the digitally signed email needs to be sent from your own email account, we can only verify your identity if the corresponding DFN-PKI user certificate has been issued for "CN=Firstname Lastname". Emails sent from email accounts used by more than person (functional e-mail accounts) will not be accepted.

Application for a Group Certificate

Can be submitted as if it was a server certificate application.

last changed on 04/28/2021

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