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Create your certificate request online

Create your certificate request online


These instructions were created with the use of Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 (Latest update 21.04.2020).

Please note that the DFN-PKI webpages can not be displayed in English.

(Update 16.02.2021) As of today you are not able to apply for any user certificates using the IE (method deprecated).

We recommend that you use another Browser in order to apply for your user certificate.

Unfortunately you don't get an error message when navigating to the DFN-PKI webpage with IE, this problem will hopefully soon be solved.

You will still be able to fetch previously with IE applied for and issued certificates.



1.1 Visit the DFN-PKI webpage

Explorer Beantragen 1

1.2 Enter your personal information

Explorer Beantragen 2

Name: Firstname Lastname (as stated on personal identification)

Firstname: at least one

Lastname: all

The PIN is needed to be able to import your certificate into IE later on.

If you at some point need to revoke your certificate you will be required to enter this PIN.

You need to indicate your compliance to the certification policy.

You may agree to have your certificate entered into the DFN-PKI LDAP Server.


1.3 Confirm RSA Key generation

Create 3

In the background your RSA Keys are generated and stored into the Windows certificate store. This operation requires your confirmation.


1.4 Check your personal data

Explorer Beantragen 4

Check that you have entered your name, email and department correctly and confirm.


1.5 Request the PDF version of your application


You need this document to navigate further down the process.


1.6 Open and print the PDF

Create 6

last changed on 03/10/2021

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