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Archive file

Archive file


Assemble the archive file

It often happens that a number of files belongs together as they have been created within the same research project. To archive these files via simpleArchive, assemble and pack them into a single file (using a software like ZIP, RAR or TAR).

Please remember to include a text file containing the most important contextual information. This information should allow you or your colleagues to understand and re-use tha data even after a long time. Please also remember to specify who is allowed to use the data and who holds intellectual property rights.


Navigate to the application.

Choose "Log in". Afterwards you are requested to log in via RWTH Single Sign-On.

RWTH Single Sign On

Upload a file

Please click on "archive file".

You can now select the file you want to upload and archive. Furthermore you can select how long the file shall be archived and add a description.


If you did not yet accept the terms and conditions, you have to accept them first. You can save this decision for future access.


After the file has been successfully uploaded the archiving process is initiated in the background.

If you want to add metadata you will be redirected to the Metadata-Tool.


As soon as the file has been archived you will receive a confirmation e-mail at your contact e-mail address as specified in the Selfservice.

last changed on 29.01.2021

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