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What is the Metadatamanager?

What is the Metadatamanager?


Metadata are data about data. They enable the classification and exploitation of external data. Further information regarding Metadata can be found on the RWTH Website.

The MetadataManager gives you the possibility to generate metadata according to the scheme created for your setup. The scheme specifies which input field of metadata (author, subject,...) needs to be filled out. It is designed to help you with controllig your vocabulary: Selecting predefined terms ensures that no typographical errors occur or that different terms are used for the same subject.

Choosing an appropriate scheme or constructing one is very important. The FDM Projectteam will gladly support you with this.

The MetadataManager does also enable you to set a Persistent Identifier (PID) to associate data with metadata and to link them to other locations.

last changed on 29.01.2021

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