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Capture and store metadata

Capture and store metadata


persistent identifier (PID) enables you to associate data with metadata and therefore to link data to other locations. Besides the PID, a distinct access token (OTA) is generated for each metadata set. 

Regardless of the visibility settings you specified for that metadata, you allow users to read, edit and delete that metadata set by passing the OTA to them. Please consider that editing the OTA is not possible at the moment. Therefore, treat the OTA with adequate discretion and do only pass it on to trusted persons.

PID and OTA are automatically generated while saving the metadata set and can be accessed via the edit view of the corresponding metadata set.

Fill in the field "Data URL" with the storage location of the data you want to use. The "Metadata URL" will be filled automatically.

PID fields

Fill out the fields of the metadata scheme.

Additionally you can specify the groups of people who are allowed to see the metadata. Choose "private" if the metadata should only be viewable by you. Choose "institute" so other employees of your institute are able to see the metadata. If you have to share the metadata publically, choose "public".

If you belong to multiple institutes, you can select the institute you want to share your metadata with by their IKZ.

Metadata field

The "Save"-Button saves your metadata in the database (integrated workflow).

last changed on 29.01.2021

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