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Edit Organization Unit

Edit Organization Unit


The main page of the organisation unit shows the central address at the top. Below it will the link used to edit this data.
Below the list of colleagues is the sorting order, which allows changing the order of headers, comments, participants, and room/function addresses in the list. The links for creating this list can be found under 'neu hinzufügen'.

Using these options, you can:

  • add a person to an organisation unit.
  • add headers or comments.
  • add a new room/function address.

On the right-hand side of the list, you can also:

  • sort the list step-by-step using the arrows.
  • assign pictures to participants.
  • delete headers, comments, people, or room/function addresses.

Edit Central Addresses

A central address should be the main point of contact for an organisation unit. It is displayed above the list of employees in the public listing on CAMPUS (reached via the organisation unit link on the left-hand side). The central address will automatically be assigned during the initial set-up of an organisation unit. The name of the organisation unit is already set at that point. The link ''Ändern" below the central address will redirect you to an input window for additional data. In addition to address, telephone, fax and email, you can add a common name and an abbreviated name for your organisation unit, as well as a website for your homepage. There is also a field titled 'Beschreibung', which can be used to give a brief summary of the primary functions of your organisation unit. You have to save any changes by clicking on 'speichern'.

It is particularly important to set and maintain a central email address. This will serve as the primary point of contact for your organisation unit, and will be used by the ZHV and other university institutions to contact you. It is also required for several other features, such as communication via mailing lists and the hardware and software portals. Therefore, this address should be functional and appropriately maintained.

Add Headers and Comments

By clicking on the option 'Überschrift...' or 'Kommentierung...', you can add or edit headers and comments, which help in structuring your organisation unit. Headers will be shown in bold and serve to structure the list, e.g. to separate different teams or groups within your organisation unit. Comments will appear in italic and can be used to provide additional information on the tasks or responsibilities of specific employees. 
Headers and comments can be assigned to any point of the organisation unit list. However, they can not be assigned to one particular entry (a specific employee for example). As such, comments which are intended to provide additional information on an employee will need to be positioned directly above or below their entry in the list.

Add Room/Function Addresses

Entering non-personal telephone data, such as numbers for laboratories, offices, etc. is done using the link 'Raumadresse hinzufügen'. All data entered here can be changed afterwards.

Change the Order of People, Headers, Comments, and Room Addresses

The list of persons, including headers, comments and room addresses, can be sorted using the arrows next to each entry.
There are also indexes for each entry, which allow for a quick sorting of single entries into particular positions on the list. In order to do this, head to the bottom of the list, and add the index of the entry you wish to move to the first input field. Now use the second window to enter the index of the entry you wish to move it to. The entry will always be moved directly in front of the point specified in the second window.

Delete Persons, Headers, Comments or Room Addresses

By clicking the 'X' behind an entry in the list, you will be able to remove them from the organisation unit list. Always remember to remove participants from this list as soon as possible if they are no longer part of the organisation unit. Please note that it is necessary to first remove any roles assigned to them, as the deletion will otherwise be rejected.

Removing people from this list will only remove their association to the organisation unit. Their database entry remains intact, and they can be assigned to a different organisation unit if necessary.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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