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Manage Persons in the Organisation Unit

Manage Persons in the Organisation Unit



At „Eigene Organisationseinheit" (own organization unit) the central data of your organization unit is displayed and below the list of its staff members.



Below this list you can add a new member by clicking Neu hinzufügen > “Person”. You will be redirected to a new input page where you can create a new person, which has not been registered in the CAMPUS system yet, or add an existing person. If you want to add an existing person, search for them in the search box below “Suchen”.

Please note the warning „Please enter only first or last name, not both!” (“Bitte geben Sie nur Vorname oder Nachname an, nicht beides!“)


After clicking „Suchen“ (search) you will receive a list of people. Now you can select the right one and by clicking “Zuordnen” add them to your organization unit.



If you want to create a new person click on "Person neu erfassen" (list new person) and enter the required data. Please note, that only staff members, where the box “Dozent” (lecturer) is checked, can be added to a course.



Connection of CAMPUS personal data to the Identity Management (TIM-CAMPUS connection)

The connection of the address data record in CAMPUS to the Identity Management of RWTH Aachen will occur automatically within 4 working days after it is saved, provided that the person entered is already registered at the RWTH at the time they are added to the organizational unit on CAMPUS and has a username (e.g. ab123456). The connection is necessary, for example, to apply for business trips, the RWTH job ticket/parking pass or to perform other roles in the role administration. For a subsequent connection or correction, please contact the IT Service Desk.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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