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Access to the organization unit (CAMPUS)

Access to the organization unit (CAMPUS)


Please note:

Although CAMPUS is replaced since winter semester 2018/2019, its organization directory will for now remain as a data source for RWTHonline and the RWTH phone system. Personal and organizational data needs to be maintenanced accordingly!

To register an account for a new organization unit in CAMPUS as in RWTHonline please contact the Division 5.1 - Internal Management.
To register an account for a new organization unit for the faculties (institution numbers (IKZ) starting with 1-8) and for the UKA clinics (institution numbers (IKZ) starting with 9) please contact the Division 1.5.

To log on to the feature "Organisationseinheit" (organization unit) please enter your user name and password in the login screen "Login für Mitarbeiter" (login for employees), select the corresponding function in the dropdown menu and login via the button 'Login'. Your user name is consistent with your institute index number. Please note the information on the usage of CAMPUS in the login screen. After logging in, you will see the home page of your organization unit with the table 'Zentrale Daten' (central data), the list of members of the organization unit and the links for editing the organization page. When logging in for the first time, only the head of the organization unit is listed.

On the left-hand navigation bar you will find the link 'Eigene Organisationseinheit' (my own organization unit) via which you can switch to the home page of the organization unit from all views. Additionally, the links 'Password ändern' (change password) and 'Abmelden' (log out) appear on the left-hand navigation bar allowing you to log out of the CAMPUS information system after editing.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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