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Registering and Login M365/MS Teams

Registering and Login M365/MS Teams


This guide describes how to register and access Microsoft M365 for students. These are two different services.

Please note: Students cannot log in to MS Teams for employees and employees cannot log in to M365 for students (exception: you are a student and an employee at the same time).


  • Registration via agreement of the terms of use in the RWTH Single Sign On Account
  • Click on the "Edit" button of the RWTH Single Sign on Account  

RWTH Single Sign-On account

  • Set the appropriate options if you agree to them (scroll down to the end of the page)
  • You need to wait 24 hours before you can login

Providing consent


You will be redirected to the RWTH Single Sign On and can log in as usual (e.g.: RWTHonline).



Notes on MS Teams collaboration:

If employees and students need to communicate with each other via MS Teams, you must invite the corresponding account as a guest in each case.

It is important to use the internal Microsoft account and not your own email address. How to find out the account can be read here:

Communication between RWTH MS Teams servern

This procedure also applies to invitations as a guest to external MS Teams servers (e.g.: business partners or other universities).

Notes on MS Teams as platform for job interviews:

You find all information regarding the use of MS Teams to hold job interviews here

last changed on 13.10.2021

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