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Cyberduck s3 connection (Windows)

Cyberduck s3 connection (Windows)


Example configuration for an s3 client (Cyberduck)

To connect to a bucket from the DigitalArchive with an s3 client you need

  • server name:
  • port: 9021
  • Access Key
  • Secret Key
  • Bucket Name

You will get this from the admins of the corresponding data project in SeviRe to which your s3-bucket belongs.


Cyberduck (Windows)

Based on Cyberduck Version 7.9.1

1. Installation

Download the client and install it on your PC:

The installation requires Adminstrator privileges.

Alternatively (presuming you do not lack the know-how) you may compile your own version from source. The sourcecode is hosted at

2. Configuring a new connection

Open a new connection by clicking on "Open Connection".

In the connection configuration you must now enter the access data for your data.

Connection parameters
Access KeyAccess Key
Secret Access KeySecret Access Key
PathBucket Name

Then you can connect to the bucket.

last changed on 11/25/2021

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