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Setting up e-mail on Android 5.x - 7.x (Exchange)

Setting up e-mail on Android 5.x - 7.x (Exchange)


1. Open the settings and select ”Accounts and synchronization”.

Android5x 1


2. Top right, click on "+" to add an account.

Android5x 2


3. Select ”Exchange Active Sync”.

Please note:

The account can be named ”Microsoft Exchange“, ”Microsoft Exchange Active Sync“ oder ”Commercial“ on some devices.

Android5x 3


4. Enter an appropriate email address and password.

Android5x 4


5. Enter the following settings:

Server address:

E-mail address: (for example or

Please note:

It can happen that the field "E-Mail Adresse/e-mail address" does not accept the input <>, so that you have to use the username of your e-mail address instead:

E-mail address: (for example or

Username: (for example or

Password: Your password for your RWTH Service account

The ”domain” field leave free.

Put the checkmark on ”This server requires an encrypted SSL connection”. And click on ”Next”.

Wird an dieser Stelle die Angabe eines SSL-Ports gefordert, geben Sie dort bitte "443" ein.

Please enter "443" in case it is neccessary to make a statement about the SSL-Port.

Android5x 5


6. Choose your settings for synchronisation.

Now you can select the data to be synchronized and a corresponding interval. Click on ”Next”.

Android5x 6


7. Choose an account name.

The account name appears automatically. You can change this to your own liking. Then click on ”Finish setup”. Your Exchange account is now set up.

Android5x 7


8. Create administration for mailserver

After the installation of your exchange-account there appears a request to give administration to the mailserver.

It is necessary to create the administration so that it is possible to uninstall the OWA on your mobile e.g. in case of loss.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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