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Assign delegate access rights in Outlook 2013/2016

Assign delegate access rights in Outlook 2013/2016



Please note:

You can only configure a delegated access for the default account. If you want to configure delegated access for functional mailboxes, it is advisable to set up a Microsoft Outlook profile for each functional mailbox (Control Panel – Mail (32Bit)).

1. Click on “Delegate Access” in the account settings.

Delegation 1

2. Select “Add…” to search for the person from your address register to whom you want to delegate the access. Apply your settings by pressing “OK”.

Delegation 2

3. Another window opens. Here you can choose which permissions you want your delegate to have.

  • (1) Here you can choose the authorization level.
  • (2) Your delegate receives an e-mail with a summary of their permissions.
  • (3) Checking this field enables your delegate to access your private data.

Delegation 3

If your delegate answers one of your e-mails, the address bar says "on behalf of".

Delegation 4

Permanent mailbox access

1. Right-click on your mailbox to open the menu item “Folder Permissions”. 

Delegation 5

3. In the new window you can add persons and adjust their permissions individually.

  • (1) Here you can select the person, whom you want to have permanent access to your mailbox, from your address register.
  • (2) Here you can chose the authorization level.
  • (3) The settings of the authorization level are displayed here. If necessary you can change or adjust the permissions yourself.
  • (4) The “Folder visible” option must be checked, if you want the selected person to be able to access your mailbox or folders.
  • (5) To finish your settings, click “Apply” and “OK”. Your delegate does now have permanent access to your mailbox.

Delegation 6

The entitled person can now integrate your mailbox in Outlook.


Opening and integrating a mailbox

As delegate, you need to open the inbox of the person you are representing on every occasion, if you want to have access to it.

Opening a mailbox

1. To open a shared mailbox, select “Open” under the tab “File”. Click on “Other User’s Folder”.

Delegation 7

2. Enter the name of the person, whose mailbox you want to open, in the new window and press “OK”. The other person’s mailbox will be visible now.


3. The mailbox of this person closes as soon as you click on a different module or your mailbox. To open it again, you have to repeat the process.

Integrating a mailbox

1. Open the module “File” and click on “Account Settings”.

Delegation 9

2. The window “Account Settings” opens. Click on your e-mail address and select “Change…”.

Delegation 10

3. Another window opens. Click on “More Settings…”

Delegation 11

4. Select the tab “Advanced” and then click “Add…” to integrate a mailbox.

Delegation 12

5. Enter the name of the person, whose mailbox you want to integrate and confirm your entry by clicking “OK”. The name alone is sufficient here if it can be found on the exchange server. If this is not the case, an error message appears.

Delegation 13

Press “OK” to confirm your settings. The Micrososft Exchange window closes and the mailbox has been integrated.

Delegation 14

Removing an integrated mailbox

To remove the mailbox, you proceed as described before, until you can remove the mailbox in the Microsoft Exchange window.

Delegation 15

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