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Setting up e-mail on Android 8.x - 9.x (Exchange)

Setting up e-mail on Android 8.x - 9.x (Exchange)


1. Open the Settings on Android

Open the settings and choose "Cloud/User and Account".


Afterwards choose "Accounts".


2. Adding the Account

Click on the button "Add Account".

3. Exchange

Please choose the account option "Exchange".



4. E-Mail-Address

Now, add your e mail address. By clicking on "Next" you will get to the password entry.


5. Password

Enter your e mail password (RWTH Service Account) and click "Next".


6. Configuration settings

The following configuration settings have to be undergone:

Username: (e.g. or

Password: Your password for your e-mail account.


Enter "443" as the SSL-Port


7. Approval

After finishing the settings of your Exchange-account, an inquiry regarding the device administration for the mailserver occurs.

It is important that you activate the rights, so that you can remove the OWA of the account after losing your smartphone.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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