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Outlook App for Android

Outlook App for Android


You  can download the Microsoft Outlook App in the Google Play Store.

For setting up an RWTH e-mail account open the settings, select “Accounts and synchronization” and click on “Add an account”.

Choose “Outlook” and proceed as follows:


1. ChooseAdd Account or Get Started

Outlook setup 1


2. Enter your e-mail address.  Click onContinue

Outlook setup 2


3. Click on the appearing "Set up manually"and select Exchange:

Enter the following settings:

Server address: (for example or \

Password: your password for your e-mail account

Description: any name of your choice

Click on the check mark to finish the setting.

Now the account is set. You can check its settings by clicking on “Outlook” listed in your accounts.

Note: The type of e-mail client can be set under the question mark. "Exchange" should be selected here.


last changed on 08/11/2021

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