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Outlook App for Android

Outlook App for Android


You  can download the Microsoft Outlook App in the Google Play Store.

For setting up an RWTH e-mail account open the settings, select “Accounts and synchronization” and click on “Add an account”.

Choose “Outlook” and proceed as follows:


1. ChooseAdd Account or Get Started

Outlook setup 1


2. Enter your e-mail address.  Click onContinue

Outlook setup 2


3. Click the question mark (?) and select Change account provider --> Exchange:

Enter the following settings:

Server address:

Username: \ (for example \ or \

Password: your password for your e-mail account

Description: any name of your choice

Click on the check mark to finish the setting.

outlook setup 3

Now the account is set. You can check its settings by clicking on “Outlook” listed in your accounts.

Note: The type of e-mail client can be set under the question mark. "Exchange" should be selected here.


last changed on 10.02.2021

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