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Setting up resource accounts in OWA

Setting up resource accounts in OWA


Resource accounts are mail accounts, that are associated to a specific person. These can be functional-, room- or equipment post office boxes. You can find additional information here.

Every resourceaccount has to be assigned to a post office boy with full access rights. The full access on the resource account allows the owner to manage said post office box, e.g. in order to create or delete meetings, or in order to assign authorization.

With the Mailadm, you also have the ability to configurate the option "send to". With this option, you can send mails with the sender address of the resource account. However, this option can be only used when the functional account has been chosen.

Another option is to configurate deputy rights in OWA. With this, you can send mails with "order of". With this option, the receiver has the possibility to see the true initiator of the mail.

The option  "send as" offers the possibility to assign users the authorization to send mail on behalf of the post office owner. Th free functions for the user can be set on "delegate access". You can find more information here.


Access to the Resource

Login into with your RWTH mail address (in the form of and its respective password.
If you have lost your RWTH mail account's password, you can set a new one in Selfservice.

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Other than the webversion, Outlook 2016 offers the additional functions for the access to adjust more specifc rights to the resource.
You can get to the settings by richt click any folder > permissions:


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Here you can manage the settings for all the user and groups. You can find more information here.

The settings in OWA will be managed similarily. You can find more information here.


Resource scheduling settings

You can manage planning options, as well as planning permission in the resource scheduling settings.

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Scheduling options

Here you can manage the options for the scheduling options.

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Scheduling permissions

Here you can select the user and groups, that can get access to the resource planning.

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Adding another Post Office Box

This is important in order to get access to other resources.

You can find a short manual on this subject here.


Invite to meetings

The option to add user is next to the informations of the meeting.

This options is available when you have created a meeting.

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Access with Thunderbird

You can access the resource on Thunderbird by logging in. For this, you have to choose "new date" on the right side of the screen. Finally, enter the required information, such as title or location.
You can find more information here.

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Here, you can choose the option "invite participants", in order to invite them to the meeting.

Now, you can see the location with the help of the chart, so that you can select the right choice.

For this, you have to find the correct symbol. You have to enter the room resource manually.

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You can see the meeting only if it is booked.


Access with Microsoft Outlook

As a rule, there is always on post office box integrated in the outlook profile. If you manage two post office boxes, e.g. a room resource and a functional resource, then the recently send mails will not be placed in the objekt folder for sent mail of the resource/functional p. o. box.
However, the mails will be saved in the initiale p.o. box of the Outlook profile.

There are two Registry Keys that you can choose, so that you can control the folder:

last changed on 29.01.2021

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