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VM Version 11 Upgrade

VM Version 11 Upgrade



Within the scope of regular software updatees in the field of the service "Virtual Serverhosting", provided by the IT Center, we would like to inform you about pending maintenance work concerning updates of virtual machines (VM).

These maintenance works require your support.

The maintenance work has the following objectives:

  1. Updates of VMs to version 11.
  2. Changeover of network adapter type to VMXNET3.
  3. Update of technical contact persons of the VMs.

If a change of the network adapter type is required, hardware specifications such as the MAC address of the network adapter change. As a result, the following adjustments may be required:

  1. Changes to the configuration system you use on the VM.
  2. Adjustments of the DHCP-entries.

At the time of upgrading a VM to version 11, a technical contact person must be available by telephone to turn the machine off and back on, and make the required changes at the operating system level.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Scheduling

  1. A non-availability of the VM of about 15 minutes should be scheduled.
  2. Any scheduled operating system updates must be installed before the maintenance work on the VM.
  3. All VM snapshots must be deleted.
  4. VMWare or OpenVMTools must be installed and updated.

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Maintenance Date

  1. The VM must be shut down.
  2. Corresponding maintenances for the VM are carried out by an IT Center employee.
  3. The VM is turned on again.
  4. In case of a change of the MAC address and the use of a statistic IPv4/ IPv6 configuration in the operating system you use on the VM, it must be adapted by you.
  5. Health Check/ Does it work?

last changed on 07/14/2022

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