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VMWare Remote Console Installation (VMRC)

VMWare Remote Console Installation (VMRC)


This page will give you a short instruction on the installation of VMWare Remote Console (VMRC).

  1. Log in with your serverhosting account on vSphere WebClient. A list of the supporting internet browser can be find here.
  2. Select your prefered VM on the section "VMs and templates".
  3. Now change to section "Summary", where you can see the Overview of your VM.

  4. Click on "Download Remote Console" to install the Console.

    Even if you have installed the console, you should always try to click on the download link to prove if there is a new version available

VM Remote Control Installation

        5.  After the installation, click on "Launch Remote console" to start the programme.

last changed on 29.01.2021

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