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Functionality in day-to-day business

Functionality in day-to-day business


Personal UMS number

Each user gets a personal UMS phone number in the form +49 241 80 – 6 xxxxx, with ´xxxxx’ signifying the personal RWTH phone number.
If you have no RWTH phone number, you will be assigned a new one.
With this number you can receive external or university-internal faxes, SMS and voice messages.

Sending a fax

A fax is composed by entering the fax number followed by in the recipient field of the e-mail client. You can both formulate a message in the text field of the e-mail and send additional documents as attachments (Microsoft products, PDF). The attached files are sent as a subsequent page.

The picure shows the sendin of a fax


Receiving faxes

The user receives an incoming fax via e-mail. The fax document is attached to the e-mail as a *.tif or *.pdf file and can be displayed with a common image or pdf viewer application.

The picture shows an e-mail with a fax    The picture shows a fax message


Using the voicebox

If you call your own UMS number (6xxxxx) you have the possibility to start the password query and to reach the menu of the voicebox by pressing the star key (*).
Here you can manage the voicebox; e.g. recording a greeting message.
The default password for the access is 12345 and should be changed after the first login.

To activate your personal voicebox, you have to setup a call forwarding from your office phone to your UMS number.
For immediate forwarding you have to enter: *11 6xxxxx.

Voicebox query

There are two ways to query the UMS voicebox.

  1. Playback of the voice attachment in the e-mail through the computer's speakers.
  2. By calling your own UMS phone number and subsequently pressing the star key (*) you reach the password query and finally, the menu to play voice messages. If you delete messages here, they will automatically be deleted in the e-mail client as well.

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