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Archiving from the Command line

Archiving from the Command line


In addition to archiving via the graphical client, archiving can also be performed via the command line. The program 'dsmc' must be used for this. The program must be started with the following command on a computer of the computer cluster of the IT Center (e.g.

dsmc -server=archive -virtualnodename=Benutzername

The following table lists the most important calls for archiving, restoring, and deleting files:

archive /home/ae106st/p1.tar -description="Projekt 1"Archiving a file
query archive / -subdir=yesList all files of an archive
retrieve /home/ae106st/p1.tar /home/ae106st/p1-copy.tar -description="Projekt 1"Restore a file from the archive
delete archive /home/ae106st/p1.tar -description="Projekt 1"Delete a file from the archive
quitExit the program

A complete list of all options and parameters can be found in the built-in documentation. This can be done using the command:

dsmc help

last changed on 29.01.2021

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