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Mixed node with research and non-research data

Mixed node with research and non-research data


If an archive node has both research data and non-research data, research data should be detached from the archive node and migrated via the Coscine migration platform prior to archive migration. After the data is recovered from the archive, node contacts apply for the so-called FDS-S3 resource. After that, the remaining data can remain on the archive node and be migrated to the digital archive automatically. It is important that the editing of the mixed node happens before the metadata is entered, as editing is not possible afterwards.


FDS-S3 Resource Archive Migration

Research data that should be kept on the Research Data Storage (FDS) due to its properties as research data should be migrated appropriately before archive migration.

You can restore the corresponding research data from the archive (see Recovering files and directories from the archive instructions) and then move them yourself via Coscine.

The resource type provided for this purpose is FDS-S3-Ressoruce.

For manual migration of research data by node contacts from archive to FDS, the resource is requested via the document "Request for FDS-S3 resource for archive migration" (currently available only in German).

The remaining data on the archive node remains there until the metadata prompt. Then you can categorize data administrative, teaching, or other using the metadata form . You also have the option during metadata entry to discard the node if the data is no longer needed and migration of the data is not required.

More information about resource types can be found here.

last changed on 28.05.2021

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