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Classification of archive nodes

Classification of archive nodes



Be aware

The archive migration is still in process.
For updates on the status of the archive migration please check the maintenance board and our IT Center Blog.

Metadata help to assign archived data to the right storage destination (Coscine or difital archive) during the migraiton.

Research data:
The definition of research data is described in the DFG guidelines. Here you will find information on how to deal with research data as well as further links to documents and much more.
Information on research data management and the services offered at the RWTH Aachen University can be found on the RWTH website.

Metadata is data that describes, for example, research data or other archived data. Metadata makes a significant contribution to finding, searching and using archived data. Especially with regard to research data and the use by different people, metadata must be described in a standardized way. The same applies, but to a less differentiated extent, to data from administration, teaching and other archived data.

Information on metadata and metadata standards.


Are the archived data on the archive node research data?

  • Yes, my node contains research data.
    • Please enter metadata for research data when prompted. This is how you trigger the migration to Coscine. The data will be stored on the RDS infrastructure.
  • No, I do not have research data on my archive node.
    • Please enter metadata for administrative, teaching, or other data as prompted. This is how you trigger the migration of data to the digital archive.

The remaining data is left on the archive node. After being prompted to enter metadata, please proceed as you would with data being migrated to the digital archive.

Before the prompt to enter the metadata, the archive is set to "Read Only". You will then have read-only access to the archive. Editing is then no longer possible. Therefore, please use the opportunity to prepare the archive nodes.

Shortly afterwards, you will receive an automatic prompt to enter the metadata for each node. Here, in addition to the metadata, you can specify the destination (Coscine or digital archive) to which migration will take place according to your input. If you no longer need to archive the data, you also have the option to discard the node as a whole.

After entering the metadata, the migration is triggered. [More information about the migration process follows]

last changed on 03/27/2023

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