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Create archive nodes

Create archive nodes


1. Login to the Backup-Portal

Please log in to the Backup-Portal with your username (format: ab123456).


2. Menu item "Archiv"

Please select the menu item "Archiv" and then "Archiv Knoten anlegen lassen" (create archive node).


3. Enter details

Enter here the required details concerning the expected usage of your archive node. Please be generous in estimating the amount of data and the number of files you want to archive. This information is needed for managing purposes but is not binding for your later usage of the archive node.

Beachten Sie, dass Sie das Archiv nicht über verschiedene Betriebssystemarten hinweg nutzen können!

Daten, die von einem Windows-System archiviert wurden können auch nur auf einem Windows-System zurückgeschrieben werden.


4. Waiting queue

Your entry will then be moved to the waiting queue. The node will be created automatically at the displayed date.


5. Editing a node

After the node has been created it appears in your node overview.

By clicking the button "i" you can enter a detailed view in which the deatils can be edited.

6. Set / change password

After creating the node you need to set a password by selecting "Passwort ändern" (change password).

Here you can reset the password at any time.


7. Generating a PID (persistent identifier)

 Why PIDs?

PIDs (persistent identifier) allow to reference data long-term and unambiguously. A PID contains the information under which URL the data can be found. Additionally a URL leading to descriptive metadata can be specified.

In case the data are moved to another storage location the information of the PID can be updated, so the PID itself remains unchanged and valid. This function allows it to permanently reference data, for example in a publication.



To create a PID referring to the status page of your archive node just click "PID generieren" (generate PID).

Afterwards, the PID is displayed in the node overview.

Additionally, a OTA-token (one time access token) is displayed. This allows to edit the PID in other systems.

Via the link<PID> users are lead to a landing page. On the landing page the PID's information is displayed. Via a contact form the user can send an e-mail to the archive node's contact person.

This enables other researchers to request access to your research data, referenced in your publications.


8. Change contact

To delegate the administration of an archive node to another person please choose "Kontakt ändern" (change contact).

Please be aware that you give the disposal over the archive node, and by this over the stored data, to the recipient! The new contact person can at any time change the node's password and thereby revoke your access to the data.

Enter the name and the e-mail-address of the person who should take over the node

The new contact person will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. To follow this link they need to log in via Shibboleth, in the course of ths it is checked whether the person has the necessary status "RWTH-Mitarbeitende" (RWTH employee). Afterwards the node only appears in the overview

last changed on 29.01.2021

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