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Reserving laptops via the calender

Reserving laptops via the calender


Laptops are booked via the rental calendar. The access is protected by Shibboleth and only persons with a valid RWTH employee status and a connection between the Identity Management data and RWTH Person Directory data are allowed. For authentication you need your user name (format: ab123456) and the password for the RWTH Single Sign-On Account. If necessary, you can change or reset your password using the Selfservice. Depending on availability, the computers can be borrowed for a maximum of 28 days. The reservation takes place via a calendar view, where you can also get an overview of the available hardware offer. Please click on "New Reservation".

In the next step, select the desired laptop type, the number of devices required and the loan period in days.

Reservierungsfenster Laptops

The available time periods are then displayed according to the calendar. Please select the start date of the borrowing period.

Ausleihkalender Laptops

Confirm the corresponding reservation, which is displayed to you in summary, or cancel the reservation and start again.

Reservierungsfenster Laptops ausgefüllt

A window will then open informing you that you will receive a confirmation email from the laptop loan pool with the subject "Your reservation confirmation".


Change or Cancle


If the devices reserved in advance are not required, you have the option of changing or cancelling the reservation yourself. You can also do this using the lending calendar.

Please note that changes are only possible up to 3 days before the start of the rental period.


To do this, click on "pending" in the overview. The button "Show" under the item "Options" leads you to the display of the reservation or to the possibility to change it.

Gebuchte Laptops Übersicht


You can find reservation information in the display:

Detailansicht Reservierung Laptop

In case of cancellation, please confirm as follows:

Stornofenster Laptop

You will then receive a confirmation email from the laptop loan pool to the email address shown, confirming the cancellation.

last changed on 07/03/2023

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